Women Retreat


30th March – 2nd April
Barcelona, Spain

Women Retreat
30th March – 2nd April
Barcelona, Spain

Sacred Ceremonial Women Retreat

Discover the Beauty of Your Divine Feminine at our Women Retreat: A Magical Journey of Healing and Growth🌹

Imagine a magical getaway, nestled among forests, vineyards, and stunning views of the Montserrat Mountains, where women come together to embrace their inner power and awaken their deepest passions. A place where the spirit of sisterhood thrives and feminine energy flows freely. This is the one-of-a-kind magic mushroom retreat that we have carefully crafted just for you, a place where you can experience the wonder and mystery of life in a way you’ve never imagined.

As women, we are often so busy caring for others that we forget to nurture ourselves. This retreat is an opportunity to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, breathe deeply, and sink into the sacred space we’ve created just for you. Here, you can explore the depths of your soul, connect with the ancient wisdom of plant medicine, and unlock the power of your inner Goddess.

At INME Wellness, we understand that every woman is unique in her hopes, dreams, and desires. That’s why we’ve taken great care to create a safe, nurturing environment where you can let go of all that no longer serves you and step into your full potential. A 4-day immersive experience that will leave you feeling lighter, freer, and more confident in your feminine power. This is your chance to embody your inner Goddess energy and lead with purpose, compassion, and grace.

Nina Q’alataqa

Psychologist, therapist, and clinical hypnotherapist.

I am an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and a teacher of the Peruvian Medicine Wheel, integrating the ancient wisdom of the Andean Q’ero (Inka lineage). I started my adventure with shamanism and different healing modalities while living in the United Kingdom and undergoing my healing process, which started over 20 years ago.

My practice is based on an integrative therapeutic approach. I believe we can achieve wholeness by holistically looking at our healing process in mind, body, and soul. My soul’s mission is to spread the light of love, unlock our fire and passion, and bring change and transformation.

Your retreat includes:

Luxury accommodation

Ceremony with sacred plant

Small group & personalized approach

Highly Trained Support Team

Safety Screening

Private & Group Preparation

Physical & Digital Detox

High Vibrational Meals & Nourishment

Pre-Retreat Dietary Protocol

Comprehensive Support

Travel & Planning Assistance

Community INME


Luxury Villa near Barcelona, Spain

The luxury villa has been designed to provide you with a complete wellness experience and offers a variety of spaces to complement your stay.

Luxury accommodation with a view of Montserrat mountains, sauna, saltwater pool, and much more. We offer you a newly renovated, unique, charming space with all the comforts you can ask for. A rural environment surrounded by forest, vineyards, and stunning views of the Montserrat Mountains will allow you to enjoy, disconnect, and be inspired during your stay.

Group practices and integration

This deep healing work is supported and held by an interweaving of practices and activities to create the safest and most loving environment for your journey.

Practicing before the ceremony will help the body and mind to relax, as well as help you to let go of fear or expectation so that you are more open when receiving the plant medicine.

The beauty of plant medicine ceremony is found in the teachings that are revealed to us. The meditative and self-reflective aspects of yoga and energetic practices can help you to bring these teachings in practical ways into your daily life.

Our team

INME Wellness is a team of indigenous healers, doctors, medical specialists, therapists, ancient traditions practitioners, and musicians that share one common mission — optimizing the health and well-being of our retreat participants.

We designed this unique Women Retreat to incorporate traditional knowledge, modern research, and therapeutic practices. The team of facilitators has together over 35+ years of experience working with individuals and groups with therapeutic, holistic healing modalities, sacred technology, and ancient practices while bridging into modern-day approaches with a sense of playfulness.

Medical evaluation before & during each retreat.

Musician — violin, Shakti Dance and functional movement teacher


THURSDAY, March 30th

  • Check-in with Dr. Carrie Chojnowski
  • Family-style dinner
  • Intention-setting workshop
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Rest

FRIDAY, March 31st

  • Ancient Sweat Lodge (Tamazcal) purification ceremony
  • Breakfast
  • Shakti dance
  • Lunch
  • Preparation for the ceremony
  • Ceremony with sacred plant

SATURDAY, April 1st

  • Kambo profound detox ceremony (optional)
  • Breakfast
  • Integration circle with the psychologist
  • Lunch
  • Cacao ceremony
  • Dinner

SUNDAY, April 2nd

  • Breakfast
  • Integration circle
  • Check-out

1-week post the women retreat — group integration call
Continuous integration support for up to 4 weeks after the retreat


30th March – 2nd April, Barcelona, Spain

Sacred Plants FOR&BY Women Retreat

1700 €

3 nights / 4 days

150 €

Kambo deep detox ceremony (optional)

What’s included:

  • 1 Ceremony with sacred plant
  • Ancient Sweat lodge (Tamazcal) purification ceremony
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Accommodation in the villa
  • Delicious meals and drinks before and after ceremonies
  • Therapeutic Integration
  • Professional preparation
  • Shakti dance

What’s not included:

  • Kambo deep detox ceremony (optional)
  • Transfer

Is сeremonial plant safe?

сeremonial plant is absolutely safe as long as the following conditions are met.
– undergo the ceremony with an authentic and experienced healer who prepares the medicine himself, observing traditions and rituals
– refrain from alcohol, narcotics, and other psychoactive drugs, including antidepressants

Why follow a special diet?

With this particular plant medicine, there is no need for a special diet. However, we do recommend eating balanced food and abstaining from alcohol a few days before the retreat.

Could there be unpredictable consequences?

If you have prepared for the ceremony according to our recommendations, all risks are reduced to zero. In addition, an experienced practitioner of alternative medicine is always present at our retreats to help you during your process.

Ready for a life-changing experience?

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