15-18 December
Piedmont, Italy


with Dario Hampi Pakari
15-18 December
Piedmont, Italy


with Dario Hampi Pakari


San Pedro knew as Wachuma the sacred cactus, used in the Andes for healing purposes and re-connection with the mother earth (Pachamama).
The plant helps us heal, grow, learn, awaken to a spiritual reality, and helps us reach higher states of consciousness and understand the world by looking at it from another perspective.

Dario Hampi Pakari

Traditional healer & psychologist

This traditional ceremony will be led by Dario Hampi Pakari, a Medicine Man from the family Sacred Fire of Itzachilatlan, a community of traditional healers, committed to protect and present ancient healing practices in a respectful and genuine way.

Your retreat includes:






from the Chef
support throughout the retreat
Ethnic music
medicine people

Energetic practices

Yoga and functional movement


with psychologist



Physician On-Hand



Mexican ceremony


The estate where our retreat will take place is located among the hills covered with a dense forest. It is a very secluded and eco-friendly place where you can be filled with tranquility, feel the unity with nature, take a break from the hustle and bustle and get rid of stress.

Thanks to its elevated location, it offers a magnificent view of Lake Orta and the mountains of the Monte Rosa range. A whole ten hectares with magnificent gardens, terraces, chestnut woods, meadows and a pond will be completely at our disposal.

Group practices and integration

This Practicing before ceremony will help the body and mind to relax, as well as to help you to let go of fear or expectation so that you are more open when receiving the plant medicine.
The beauty of Wachuma ceremony is found in the teachings that are revealed to us. The meditative and self-reflective aspects of yoga and energetic practices can help you to bring these teachings in practical ways into your daily life.

Our team

INME Wellness is a team of indigenous healers, doctors, medical specialists, therapists, ancient traditions practitioners, and musicians that share one common mission — optimizing health of our retreat participants.

Medical evaluation before & during each retreat.



• Arrival and team introduction


• Energetic practices
• Breakfast
• Evening “White” Wachuma ceremony
• Night Temazcal ceremony
• Sunrise prayer


• Yoga
• Therapeutic integration
• Wachuma Power Walk to the top of the mountain
• Offering to the spirit of the mountain
• Sunrise prayer
• Walk back to the camp
• Dinner & Celebration


• Breakfast and checkout


Is сeremonial plant safe?

сeremonial plant are absolutely safe as long as the following conditions are met:
– you undergo the ceremony with an authentic and experienced healer who prepares the medicine himself, observing traditions and rituals
– you have followed a specific diet for at least two weeks
– you refrain from alcohol, narcotics, and other psychoactive drugs, including antidepressants

Why follow a special diet?

Diet is an important element for successful interaction with the sacred world of Amazonia. Failure to follow the diet may reduce the effect of the healing plant during the ritual, so we advise you to follow the diet for at least two weeks.

Could there be unpredictable consequences?

If you have prepared for the ceremony according to our recommendations, all risks are reduced to zero. In addition, an experienced practitioner of alternative medicine is always present at our retreats to help you during your process.

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