29 June – 2 July
Lake Orta, Italy


with Andrea Calderon
29 June – 2 July
Lake Orta, Italy


with Andrea Calderon

Sacred Plant Medicine / Huachuma

“All ancient cultures have prophesized that time would come when the human family would unite and rise to defend the sacred life on Earth.”

Andrea Calderon

female spiritual Kuraka and leader of Sumak Kawsay Cosmovision

More than 15 years guarding traditional ceremonials and different altars of the sumak kawsay cosmovision from the Andes Mountains. She is a Chief of the Sundance drum in ayapuma Samay vision quest with her companion Santiago Andrade they lead Vision Quest in Ecuador and Sicily in the sacred mountains of AyaPuma and Nina Urcu.

Your retreat includes:

1 Ceremonies with sacred plant
Temazcal Mexican ceremony
Small group & personalized approach
Highly Trained Support Team
Safety Screening
Private & Group Preparation
Physical & Digital Detox
High Vibrational Meals & Nourishment
Flower ceremony
Comprehensive Support
Travel & Planning Assistance
Community INME

About the Ceremony

The Half Moon Altar ceremony is a traditional Native American ceremony dedicated to prayer, healing, tuning oneself, and learning about the Great Mystery of Life. We gather in front of the sacred fire and connect to the Great Spirit all night. In the morning, we receive the blessings of the morning star. And as the first rays of the sun dawn, we KNOW that from now on, things will get lighter, and we tap into this energy, and we send out the strong and clear message to the universe of how we want to improve our lives and our world in the next coming cycle. The medicine and the fire bring clarity to where there was previously confusion, flow, inspiration, and motivation to where we had stagnated, healing to where we had suffered, and again and again remind us of the original instructions of life and of the real purpose of our time on Earth. In this ceremony, we find the force to rise, grow and blossom in our life.


The estate where our retreat will take place is located among the hills covered with a dense forest. It is a very secluded and eco-friendly place where you can be filled with tranquility, feel unity with nature, take a break from the hustle and bustle and get rid of stress.

Thanks to its elevated location, it offers a magnificent view of Lake Orta and the mountains of the Monte Rosa range. A whole ten hectares with magnificent gardens, terraces, chestnut woods, meadows, and a pond will be completely at our disposal.

Group practices and integration

Integration setting and functional movement before the ceremony will help the body and mind to relax, as well as help you to let go of fear or expectation so that you are more open when receiving the plant medicine.

The beauty of the Wachuma ceremony is found in the teachings that are revealed to us. The meditative and self-reflective aspects of yoga and energetic practices can help you to bring these teachings in practical ways into your daily life.

Temazcal ceremonies

Sunset and sunrise sweat lodge ceremonies

The Temazcal is a indigenous sweat lodge ceremony, a ritual that has lasted for more than a thousand years!
The Temazcal is a low round structure with a rather low entrance.
During the ritual, heated stones are brought into the bath, which is periodically poured with herbal infusions in the process.
Thanks to the properties of various healing herbs and high temperature of the volcanic stones the participants will be able to achieve a state that many describe as “rebirth”:
• calmness and clarity of mind
• detoxification of the physical and energetic bodies

Our team

INME Wellness is a team of indigenous healers, doctors, medical specialists, therapists, ancient traditions practitioners, and musicians that share one common mission — optimizing health of our retreat participants.

female spiritual Kuraka and leader of Sumak Kawsay Cosmovision

Psychedelics Integration Coach

Medical evaluation before & during each retreat.


Day 1, Thursday

14:00 Meet and greet with each person individually
• 18:00 Preparation with the curanderos and the team of facilitators, including ancient indigenous song circle.
• 19:00 Family-style dinner


Morning “Power Walk” ceremonial hike in the nature
• Tamazcal
• Lunch
• Personal healing from the team of healers 
• Evening Huachuma ceremony

Day 3, Saturday

Morning clowning flower blessings ceremony
• Offerings the ceremonial flowers to the lake
• Celebration and brunch
• Rest

Day 4, Sunday

• Integration
• Check-out by 12 pm


29 June – 2 July, Lake Orta, Italy

with Andrea Calderon

1400 €

Tipple accommodation (13 spots available)

3000 €

Single accommodation (2 spots available)

900 €

Bring your own tent (15 spots available)

What’s included:

  • Traditional medicine ceremonies
  • Workshops, talks, and music
  • Tamazcal ancient cleansing and detox ritual
  • 2-week preparation and 2-week integration with the founders of INME Wellness 
  • Food and accommodation

Preparations for the Ceremony

3 days before, take care of your diet – Not red meat, alcohol, or drugs.
3 days before no exchange of sexual energy


Is сeremonial plant safe?

сeremonial plant are absolutely safe as long as the following conditions are met:
– you undergo the ceremony with an authentic and experienced healer who prepares the medicine himself, observing traditions and rituals
– you refrain from alcohol, narcotics, and other psychoactive drugs, including antidepressants

Why follow a special diet?

With this particular plant medicine, there is no need for a special diet. However, we do recommend eating balanced food and abstaining from alcohol a few days before the retreat.

Could there be unpredictable consequences?

If you have prepared for the ceremony according to our recommendations, all risks are reduced to zero. In addition, an experienced practitioner of alternative medicine is always present at our retreats to help you during your process.


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