Our ceremonial retreats offer a journey into the depths of sacred plant healing and authentic shamanism in a safe and controlled environment under guidance of indigenous healers and medical doctors.


Our ceremonial retreats offer a journey into the depths of sacred plant healing and authentic shamanism in a safe and controlled environment under guidance of indigenous healers and medical doctors.

INME Wellness Program

is designed end-to-end to deliver our guests the highest quality of service, safety, and authentic healing experiences with plant medicine shamanism. The aim is to realize their fullest potential and initiate a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Holistic approach

Bringing together modern science and ancient wisdom.

Plant medicines and other holistic therapies ask us to connect to all parts of ourselves and, if there are painful parts, to confront them directly: they speak to us and want to teach us something.
We use sacred plant medicine to help you connect with the spirit of the universe and the wisdom within to bring peace, love, and clarity to your life.

Professionals team support

Our team is highly experienced and here for you at every step.

Our experienced facilitators have extensive knowledge and experience working with Amazonian shamanic sacred plant medicine. Each day will interweave carefully curated workshops and integration that will support you in connecting to yourself.

Delicious and nutritious meals

During our Plant Medicine retreats, food is considered medicine as well what we put into our body fuels not only our physical state but our mental state as well.

We use only fresh and locally sourced ingredients, our menu during the retreat is curated with love, and our meals are rich in nutrition and flavor.

After the retreat, your body will feel cleaner and healthier than ever.

Luxury accommodation

Your retreat will take place at one of our gorgeous villas in picturesque locations in Europe.

Luxury villas where our retreats take place are surrounded by nature with magnificent views of the mountains, gardens, sea, and/or lakes.

These are very secluded and eco-friendly places where you can be filled with tranquility, feel unity with nature, take a break from the hustle and bustle, and get rid of stress.
At times you may want to mingle and chat with other guests, and at other times you may prefer moments of quiet and introspection. A spacious private place to make you feel comfortable in any mood.

Physician On-Hand

Having a medical doctor on-site also offers an opportunity for more nuanced care, as we can tailor recommendations to each individual who participates.


Dr. Carrie Chojnowski supports and guides our participants before, during, and after each retreat. Every individual can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Carrie before one of the retreats at no charge. These consultations are not for medical diagnosis but provide insight into whether the retreat setting and particular plant medicines are appropriate for an individual.

Safety & Comfort

INME Wellness prioritizes a mental, physical, emotional, energetic, safe, and expertly-held environment in nature. Therefore, our retreats also occur in a legal or decriminalized setting in the Barcelona countryside.
We offer safe, transformational experiences that help people heal, find meaning and live better lives.
Holistic healing
Our advisory board guides our mission, ethos, and contributions to the global renaissance of spiritual awakening.
By shining the light of consciousness into the shadows our psyche, we can acknowledge, learn from, and transform our personal and collective suffering.
Deep connection
The small group environment is ideal to facilitate a deeper connection with the plants, yourself and your heart’s intentions.
Our advisors
Support and guidance of renowned luminaries in holistic health, psychedelic science, shamanism, psychology, and well-being.

Is for you if you are seeking

• Healing from emotional wounds, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or addictions (initial consultation is required if you were diagnosed with any emotional sickness or taking any prescriptions).

• Spiritual growth and evolution.

• Greater awareness of your blockages so you can finally release them and feel more self-love.

• Clarity of the truth of the Universe and your purpose in it.

• New perspectives to get yourself out of old patterns and habits.

• A deeply fulfilling connection to something greater than yourself

• Inner peace and more joy in life.

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