Immerse yourself in the profound realm of sacred plant healing and traditional shamanism through our transformative retreats. Led by indigenous healers and supported by experienced medical professionals, our retreats offer a secure and regulated environment for your journey.


Immerse yourself in the profound realm of sacred plant healing and traditional shamanism through our transformative retreats. Led by indigenous healers and supported by experienced medical professionals, our retreats offer a secure and regulated environment for your journey.

INME Wellness Experience

At INME Wellness, we take great care in designing our programs to provide guests with the highest level of service quality, safety, and an authentic healing experience rooted in sacred plant medicine shamanism.

Our primary objective is to empower participants to unlock their true potential and embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Holistic approach

By merging modern science with ancient wisdom, we offer a unique blend of healing modalities.

Our approach incorporates various ancient and modern holistic therapies, encouraging a deep connection with all aspects of oneself. This includes addressing and confronting any painful experiences, as they hold valuable teachings for personal growth.

Through the use of sacred plant medicine, we facilitate your journey towards connecting with the universal spirit and unlocking the profound wisdom within. This transformative process brings forth inner peace, love, and clarity, enriching your life in meaningful ways.

Professionals team support

At our retreats, you can trust in the unwavering support and expert guidance from our exceptional team.

We pride ourselves in partnering exclusively with world-class indigenous healers, shamans, traditional doctors, therapists, facilitators, and musicians. Their extensive expertise ensures an unparalleled level of care throughout your journey.

We prioritize cultivating a profound connection with each participant, and our small group sizes allow for personalized attention and tailored care for every individual. Rest assured that you will receive the individualized support you deserve at every step of the way.


Delicious and nutritious meals

Our retreats acknowledge the transformative power of food as medicine for both the body and mind.

This is why we are meticulous about using only the highest quality, locally-sourced ingredients in our meals.

Our chef carefully crafts each dish to nourish not just your physical being, but also your mental state. After the retreat, you’ll notice a newfound level of health and vitality in your body.

Luxury accommodation

Our Retreats take place at one of our gorgeous villas in picturesque locations in Europe.

Nature surrounds our luxury venues, offering breathtaking views of the mountains, gardens, sea, and/or lakes.

Take a break from the stress of everyday life and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of our eco-friendly and secluded villas.

These spacious and private spaces are designed to accommodate all your needs and moods. Whether you want to mingle with other guests or enjoy moments of introspection, they provide the perfect environment.

Physician On-Hand

With a medical doctor on-site, we can deliver a more nuanced level of care and make recommendations that are tailored to the unique needs of each participant.

Dr. Carrie Chojnowski offers her support and guidance to participants before, during, and after each retreat. All attendees have the opportunity to schedule a no-cost initial consultation with Dr. Carrie before attending a retreat.

These consultations help us determine if the retreat environment and plant medicines are a suitable fit for the participant.

Safety & Comfort

Our commitment to operating within legal boundaries ensures the safety and peace of mind for all our participants, given the sensitive nature surrounding plant medicine in many locations.

With this assurance, you can completely unwind and immerse yourself in a profound transformative journey during our retreats. Relaxation becomes effortless as you delve deeper into your personal growth and healing process.

Holistic healing

Our indiginous and medical advisory board guides our mission, ethos, and contributions to the global renaissance of spiritual awakening.


Through illuminating the depths of our psyche with conscious awareness, we have the opportunity to recognize, gain wisdom from, and ultimately transcend our individual and shared suffering.

Deep connection

Our intimate group setting creates the perfect environment for fostering profound connections with oneself, the sacred plants, the community, and the intentions of your heart.

Our advisors

Support and guidance of renowned luminaries in holistic health, psychedelic science, shamanism, psychology, and well-being.

Our retreats in address various aspects of your well-being:

1. Healing: Our retreats offer a supportive environment for individuals seeking healing from emotional wounds, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, or addictions. Please note that an initial consultation is required for those diagnosed with any emotional sickness or taking prescribed medications.

2. Spiritual Growth: Embark on a journey of spiritual growth and evolution, allowing you to deepen your connection with the divine and expand your spiritual understanding.

3. Release and Self-Love: Gain a profound understanding of the obstacles that have been holding you back, enabling you to finally release them and develop a stronger sense of self-love.

4. Clarity and Purpose: Through our retreats, you can attain clarity about the truth of the Universe and gain insights into your purpose within it, providing you with a renewed sense of direction and meaning.

5. Transformation and New Perspectives: Discover new perspectives that empower you to break free from old patterns and habits, facilitating personal transformation and positive change.

6. Connection and Serenity: Cultivate a deeply fulfilling connection to something greater than yourself, fostering inner peace, serenity, and lasting happiness in your life.

Join us and embrace the transformative power of our retreats to enhance your overall well-being and lead a life filled with joy and tranquility.

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