So that’s why it is called a journey??? (“trip” on the slang.. but let’s be respectful).

I have been to the places where you can’t just get by plane, where you don’t need to cross the borders or show your passport. Even the time have no power there. I have seen the legends. I discovered the wonders of the world. The language was not important there and people sang old songs in Spanish without knowing a word. When I put my hands on the floor, I felt the warmth of the heart of our planet Earth. There, the music became my blood and circulated inside creating a rhythm. REGRETS. I felt it cause I couldn’t go through this amazing experience with the person I love. But then I understood that I could share it later with him…drop by drop. FRIEND. Is not only the one that gives you light when you ask, but also the one that tells you – “go through the darkness to find your path”.

GOALS. In the beginning of my journey I wanted to find COURAGE and PATIENCE. And Brazilian fire keeper showed me that I had enough courage in my heart. One very old shaman in the body of a young psychologist

showed me that I have already learned enough patience. HER. So there was a woman in white. When she played guitar, she had 10 fingers on each hand, cause normal human is not able to create that kind of music. When she was singing, the flowers were dancing. When people were coming to her, she gave them the gifts – exactly what they asked without telling a word. So I came to her and get down on my knees. But I already found my courage and patience on my way to her. So she looked in my eyes and

gave me the FORGIVENESS. That was exactly what I needed.

Old Rolling stones were right:

You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes, well, you might find

You get what you need