Dear Anastasia,

We didn’t say goodbye to everyone, but we are sincerely grateful to all these beautiful people who were with us for those two magical days. Please give them this. Our lives will never be the same after these ceremonies. We had an incredible experience from which everything made sense to us. WE DO UNDERSTAND. We have no more questions. It’s like we’ve received the most concrete guide to action in as much detail as possible. And we can’t and don’t want to wait a minute longer, we want to implement, realize, act. The energy is off the charts, I want to launch these processes into the universe. Already today. Not tomorrow, not from Monday, but exactly NOW. I have no doubts. I am the creator of my reality. Thank you for being a guide on the path to the truth… I understand even more than I wanted to understand. Magic. I wish you, all the participants, and organizers of this retreat an abundant, love-filled life!