“Before the ceremonial retreat, I was worried and even thought of canceling the trip… scary, unknown… but then I thought that I needed this experience and everything turned out in the best way. On the very night of the ceremony, we were already cleared in the Temazcal and got to know everyone better, it was cozy and fun.

The “plant teacher” took me to a high level of sensitivity and awareness, I never prayed like that night. In full connection with nature and energy, there was a feeling that all my thanks and desires are carried away through the very center of the earth into space. There was a sense of connection with everyone, strength and magic.

Now a month has passed since the retreat and I can see how much has changed in me. A heavy stone fell from my heart, many grievances have passed, my daily life has become more MAGICAL and EASY. I remembered again and felt that MY LIFE IS MAGIC, it’s energy, it’s fate, it’s an adventure. The light in my heart lit up with renewed vigor and intensity and immediately after the retreat there were many miracles and spiritual conversations.

Now I remember that night with the biggest smile and warmth. Thank you, INME Wellness” @misssdari