“Before the ceremonial retreat, I was worried and even thought of canceling the trip… scary, unknown… but then I thought that I needed this experience and everything turned out in the best way. On the very night of the ceremony, we were already cleared in the Temazcal and got to know everyone better, it was cozy and fun.

The “plant teacher” took me to a high level of sensitivity and awareness, I never prayed like that night. In full connection with nature and energy, there was a feeling that all my thanks and desires are carried away through the very center of the earth into space. There was a sense of connection with everyone, strength and magic.

Now a month has passed since the retreat and I can see how much has changed in me. A heavy stone fell from my heart, many grievances have passed, my daily life has become more MAGICAL and EASY. I remembered again and felt that MY LIFE IS MAGIC, it’s energy, it’s fate, it’s an adventure. The light in my heart lit up with renewed vigor and intensity and immediately after the retreat there were many miracles and spiritual conversations.

Now I remember that night with the biggest smile and warmth. Thank you, INME Wellness” @misssdari

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Calling in my angels and ancestors to guide me through my first ceremony with Grandmother Medicine with @inmewellness, a profoundly intimate and vulnerable experience that requires my complete surrender to my truth …

Who I think I am against my truest self.

Intention setting is critical to deepen my experience here with the ancient traditions of the oldest tribe in Colombia, the Inga.

This is part of an ongoing project I’m creating, while simultaneously healing myself. It’s both scary and joyful. I’m learning these emotions are often born from the same place within me.

I’m feeling invited to step into the person I want to be, and I can’t wait to share it all with you soon.
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My trip to Italy for the ceremony with San Pedro was organized by @inmewellness

Anastasia is a beautiful soul.

How it feels when a person loves what she does! Her care and love were evident in everything, in every part of the retreat. The stunningly beautiful place on Lake Orta in Italy, the food, the professionally organized ceremony, the musicians…

Every little piece of the puzzle added up to a beautiful picture of my new experience with shamanic medicine, for which I am eternally grateful!

Ceremonies with San Pedro are attended by those who are on a spiritual quest, who want to discover new facets of their personality, people who want to be happy do it for spiritual development and to awaken the bright forces of their soul.

San Pedro (Cactus) heals and awakens body and spirit, healing on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.

I was invited there by @victoriabonya when we were in

Costa Rica, for which I am eternally grateful!

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Nadine AndreEnergy coach and mindfulness teacher

So that’s why it is called a journey??? (“trip” on the slang.. but let’s be respectful).

I have been to the places where you can’t just get by plane, where you don’t need to cross the borders or show your passport. Even the time have no power there. I have seen the legends. I discovered the wonders of the world. The language was not important there and people sang old songs in Spanish without knowing a word. When I put my hands on the floor, I felt the warmth of the heart of our planet Earth. There, the music became my blood and circulated inside creating a rhythm. REGRETS. I felt it cause I couldn’t go through this amazing experience with the person I love. But then I understood that I could share it later with him…drop by drop. FRIEND. Is not only the one that gives you light when you ask, but also the one that tells you – “go through the darkness to find your path”.

GOALS. In the beginning of my journey I wanted to find COURAGE and PATIENCE. And Brazilian fire keeper showed me that I had enough courage in my heart. One very old shaman in the body of a young psychologist

showed me that I have already learned enough patience. HER. So there was a woman in white. When she played guitar, she had 10 fingers on each hand, cause normal human is not able to create that kind of music. When she was singing, the flowers were dancing. When people were coming to her, she gave them the gifts – exactly what they asked without telling a word. So I came to her and get down on my knees. But I already found my courage and patience on my way to her. So she looked in my eyes and

gave me the FORGIVENESS. That was exactly what I needed.

Old Rolling stones were right:

You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes, well, you might find

You get what you need

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Yulia Derzhaltseva

Plants are my passion and my life’s work, I connect with them daily, for myself and for others They have carried me through every important journey and have always provided me with physical health and well being as well as emotional bandwidth for all of life’s stresses.

However, there is a deeper healing available within plant medicine and I’ve been busy working with my ancestral lineage and wisdom, clearing away old traumas so as not to burden my children (and their children), deepening my marriage and all intimate relationships, healing myself physically in ways || never thought possible, giving up everything that doesn’t belong to me and owning everything that is divinely mine 🙂

I am forever changed and deeply the person I was created to be.

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Carrie Chojnowsky

You’re looking for the keys, but there’s a facade. Shadow in the mirror. Drumming ignorance. You dive deeper, wider and higher. And let it flow. Without resistance. A sip of water and the joy is endless. Colored waves, nets and bonfire. Greetings to the sun so rhythmic.

Everything is yours, but you give…

Thank you @inmewellness for such a magical experience with #plantmedicine and to all beautiful people who were there

#sanpedro #onelove

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Zane Syringa

Dear Anastasia,

We didn’t say goodbye to everyone, but we are sincerely grateful to all these beautiful people who were with us for those two magical days. Please give them this. Our lives will never be the same after these ceremonies. We had an incredible experience from which everything made sense to us. WE DO UNDERSTAND. We have no more questions. It’s like we’ve received the most concrete guide to action in as much detail as possible. And we can’t and don’t want to wait a minute longer, we want to implement, realize, act. The energy is off the charts, I want to launch these processes into the universe. Already today. Not tomorrow, not from Monday, but exactly NOW. I have no doubts. I am the creator of my reality. Thank you for being a guide on the path to the truth… I understand even more than I wanted to understand. Magic. I wish you, all the participants, and organizers of this retreat an abundant, love-filled life!

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