Pep Cunat Paredes

Sacred Plant Facilitator

Pep Cunat Paredes works with the medicine that he prepares with the help of the guidance of elders from Acre in the Amazonian region, Brazil. Pep is the founder of LaMaloka, an association with more than 800 members which focuses on the scientific uses of medicine. It collaborates in any possible way with the medical and scientific worlds, participating in numerous clinical studies. The association is in close alliance with the Puyanawa tribe from the Amazonian forest, supporting them and helping them defend their cause while learning about their culture and ancestral wisdom.

Pep’s work in the field is widely recognized, and he has been invited to speak at international conferences, such as the last World Ayahuasca Conference organized by ICEERS. His relationship with the ceremonial uses of the plant goes back more than 20 years, thanks to the psychiatrist Josep Maria Fabregas and the Institute for Applied Amazonian Ethnopsychology I.D.E.A.A. Over the years, he has created a unique work that combines a Western therapeutic approach with ancestral wisdom in a ritualized ceremony close to Brazilian tradition.