Nina Q'alataqa

Psychologist, therapist and clinical hypnotherapist.

My practice is based on integrative therapeutic approach. I am also Master Kambo Practitioner and has been working with Kambo medicine for 6 years. I am also an Advanced Shamanic Practitioner and a teacher of Peruvian Medicine Wheel intergrating the ancient wisdom of Andean Q’ero tribe (Inka lineage). I have started my adventure with shamanism and different healing modalities while living in the United Kingdom and undergoing my own healing process. As I think about my healing process, it all started with yoga and meditation over 20 years ago. It was my first spiritual practice and then about 7 years ago I stepped onto the shamanic path, and has been practicing and deepening my knowledge in the Amazonian jungle in Peru and Ecuadorian mountains working with local shamans. I believe that we can achieve  the wholness by looking at our healing process holistically as mind, body and soul. My soul’s mission is to spread the light, the love and to unlock the fire and passion we have in ourselves and bring in the change and transformation. 

I love practicing yoga, singing and playing guitar. I also love nature walks and anything to do with healthy lifestyle.