Irina Griboyedova

Nutrition Coach, Fitness Instructor, Retreat Detox Cook.

“My name is Irina Griboyedova and | am a Wellness Aroma Coach, ICTA nutrition coach, and fitness instructor.

lam 54 years old and my mission is to lead people to a healthy lifestyle through my own experiences. | myself came to this through illness and | had no choice. But | am grateful for my illness because | have defined my mission. | decided through my experience and knowledge to help women to prevent many health problems, to look good, not to lose energy and inner state, to love themselves and listen to their emotions.”

Irina joins INME Retreats as a cook, preparing healthy de-tox meals, that nurture both body and soul. Choosing only the best-quality ecological products, Irina creates a celebration of taste and shared love.