Anastasiya Kulygin

Licensed Psychedelics Integration Coach

My life can be divided into two distinct periods: before and after my experience with plant medicine.

Before, I worked for one of the top financial institutions in America, owned a large house, and had all the characteristics of material success. From the outside, it looked like I had everything. But inside, I was struggling with chronic illness and on the brink of divorce. Then, I discovered plant medicine and everything changed. After my first experience, my chronic bronchitis disappeared overnight. Over the next few weeks, my relationships with my husband and mother improved and my life became harmonized and balanced in the most profound way.

That’s when I realized that I wanted to help others experience the same transformative power of plant medicine which led me to establish INME Wellness. Through years of observation and experience, I’ve had the opportunity to witness thousands of people undergo plant medicine ceremonies, developing valuable skills along the way. Recently I received my license, and now I coach people on how to prepare for and integrate experiences with psychedelic substances.